Children ages 8-18 spend more time in front of computer, television and game screens than on any other activity in their lives except sleeping.

About Screen Smart

What is Screen Smart?

Screen Smart is a program for elementary schools, designed for children in grades K-7. It aims to: 1)      Increase awareness among students (and their families) of how much time students spend in front of screens  2)      Reduce students’ recreational screen time to less than 2 hours per day (or maintain that level if already achieved)


Reducing inactive screen time has many benefits from better grades and school performance to improved health and well-being. To increase this awareness Screen Smart asks students to think about their screen choices and how much time they spend in front of these screens. Then students are asked to think of alternative activities such as biking, swimming, reading, music etc. They are given the experience of trading 30 minutes of screen time for 30 minutes of physical activity or another fun activity that they have chosen…TRADE30.

Do students have to give up their screens?

Screen Smart does NOT ask students to give up screens altogether as they are part of daily life and will continue to be in the future. Instead the program teaches children and their families to learn how to manage screen time. How we use and manage our screens each day, along with other lifestyle habits, contribute to a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Screen Smart is available free of charge to Canadian schools. Please explore our website and use our materials for your school. Screen Smart for Schools is Copyright, Childhood Obesity Foundation, 2011.