Too much screen time can lead to poor social skills. In adolescents, increased time spent viewing television, videos or DVDs, gaming and using computers may be associated with poor attachment to parents and peers

Table of Contents

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Table of contents  
Section 1. Introduction 1
Section 2. Screen Smart Options 5
Screen Smart Event Week (Whole School) 5
Screen Smart Curriculum (Whole School) 6
Screen Smart (Individual Class) 7
Section 3. Primary Grades  
— Quick Start 9
Section 4. Grade 4  
— Quick Start 17
— Screen Smart Passport 19
— Passport Teacher's Guide 31
Section 5. Grade 5  
— Quick Start 51
— Student Workbook 53
— Teacher's Guide 63
Section 6. Grade 6  
— Quick Start 77
— Student Workbook 79
— Teacher's Guide 87
Section 7. Grade 7  
— Quick Start 99
— Student Workbook  
— Teacher's Guide 109
Section 8. Appendices 123
A: Glossary and Definitions 123
Curriculum Icon Legend 124
B: Resources for Screen Smart Week 125
Notice for Families 126
Ideas for Action 127
Why Be Screen Smart? 128
Poster 1 130
Poster 2 132
Healthier Rewards 133
Lifestyle Pie Chart 134
Student Screen Log for Screen Smart Week 136
Sample Classroom Log and School Chart 137
Screen Smart Week Certificates 138
C: Pie Charts 139
D: Screen-Related Websites 142
E: References and Resources 143
F: Sample Notices for Families 146
G: Screen Time Information Sheet 149
H: School Newsletter Inserts 152
I: Screen Smart Tracking Sheet 155